Code of Conduct and Ethics

MG Public Relations, according to its vision, mission, and values, guarantees the recognition and life quality improvement of its human resources, particularly respect of the environment around its employees, outstanding a fair and harmonious attitude, has elaborated the following Code of Conduct to be accomplished in all of our business units. In addition, we are guiding our efforts under the 10 principles of the Global Pact, by becoming a member and committing to its compliance, we foment a more diverse, equal and responsible operations. In addition, we are committed to the compliance of the 17 SDG’s.

MG Public Relations is committed to operate in an honest and responsible environment. Our business relationships are based on trust and mutual respect, always recognizing the diversity of opinions and thoughts as part of the growing process of our company and the country. Therefore we encourage dialogue and the constructive discussion of ideas that contribute to the development of viable proposals that benefit and favour the majority.

Our People

We value human talent and recognize that is the driving force that propels our business, enriches our proposals and gives life to our organization. We strongly believe in equal opportunity for all.

We pursue partnerships with institutions that share our vision and values, exhibit a responsible behaviour, entities committed to generating positive impact amongst the audiences with whom they interact.

We value our reputation, image and work ethics as our major corporate assets. Transparency and integrity are traces, which show the way we work.

We strive to improve our performance every day, looking for alternatives that allow us to positively impact through our operations in order to be seen as leaders and role models in the communications and public relations industry.

General Principle

MG Public Relations’ business units declare to know and accept all Dominican rules, norms and regulations and their responsibility to contribute to their application and accomplishment.


Personnel selection is designed and based in ethical and human principles choosing the ideal candidate for any vacancy position, by testing their skills, abilities and attitudes, no matter their race, color, credo or religion, sex, nationality, political practice or civil status. Our compensation system is based in the performance and productivity, established through collective or individual objectives, and predetermined measures of quality and quantity that must be known by all employees.

Forced Labour

MG Public Relations does not hire the services of forced labor, nor people with legal or moral impediments. The selected people have come free and voluntarily as employment applicants to our Human Resources database or responding to employment ads in several communications means.

In line with our own commitment we do not use any type of involuntary or forced labor, including indentured, bonded, slave or human trafficked, illegal immigrants, and never engage in any form of procurement of commercial sex acts.

All work must be voluntary and workers should have the freedom to terminate their employment in accordance with established laws, regulations, and rules. Workers shall not be charged any fees or costs for recruitment, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, including costs associated with travel, processing official documents and work visas in both home and host countries.

When the subcontracting of recruitment and hiring is necessary, we ensure that the labor agencies we engage with, operate legally, are certified or licensed by the competent authority, and do not engage in fraudulent behaviour that places workers at risk of forced labor or trafficking for exploitation.

We do not mandate that workers hand over government-issued identification, passports or work permits as a condition for employment. The retention of personal documents shall not be used as a means to bind workers to employment or to restrict their freedom of movement.

Written contracts of employment shall be provided to workers in a language they understand, clearly indicating their rights and responsibilities with regard to wages, working hours and other working and employment conditions. This should be provided prior to incorporation in the workplace.

Our workplace shall be free of any form of harsh or inhumane treatment. Disciplinary policies and procedures shall be clearly defined and communicated to all workers, and shall not include any inhumane measure, including any corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse of workers; nor shall they include sanctions that result in wage deductions, reductions in benefits or any other. The use or threat of physical or sexual violence, harassment and intimidation against a worker, his or her family, or close associates, is strictly prohibited.

Child Work Labour

At MG Public Relations, we refrain from hiring people who have not reached the legal age of employment, and for those who have reached the legal age to ensure that they do not perform jobs deemed dangerous and unhealthy. The Dominican Constitution in its article 56 declares as a national priority the elimination of child labor and its worst forms. The Convention of the International Labor Organization (ILO), in its articles 138 and 182 on the minimum age and in relation to the worst forms of child labor, the Labor Code and the Code for the Protection System and the Fundamental Rights of Boys, Girls and Adolescents, in its Articles 244 – 254 inclusive, of the Dominican Labor Code.

Additionally, all young workers must be protected from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with their education or that may be harmful to their health, physical, mental, social, spiritual or moral development.

We actively participate in legitimate workplace learning programs such as “First Step or First Job” that comply with applicable laws and regulations, through agreements with Universities

Wages and Fees

The wages to be paid for any job is only the one agreed in the labour contract and will not be less than the minimum wage legally established. The salary retribution will be according to the job, based on production, hour or fixed salary. The payments will be weekly, every two weeks or monthly, according to the labour contract. It is our policy to reduce the overtime as most as possible, on the purpose of giving a fear and humanitarian treatment to our employees

Labour Conditions

MG Public Relations’ facilities must be preserved clean, with clear corridors, well lightened and ventilated, and the equipment provided will be in good conditions and appropriate for all employees to perform their jobs. The bathrooms must be clean and hygienic. The Industrial Security regulations will be updated to be followed properly and to protect every member of the team. We offer a good and safe environment, outstanding the good manners, respecting the dignity and rights of our people.

All our workers are hired voluntarily and have the freedom to terminate their employment in accordance with established laws, regulations, and rules. Workers will not be charged any fees or costs for recruitment, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, including costs associated with travel, processing official documents and work visas in both home and host countries. When subcontracting or recruituing and hiring ifrom external companies, we shall ensure that the labor agencies with whom we engage with, operate legally, are certified or licensed by the competent authority, and do not engage in fraudulent behaviour.

We will not mandate that workers hand over government-issued identification, passports or work permits as a condition for employment. Neither will we retain personal documents as a means to bind workers to employment or to restrict their freedom of movement.

Written contracts of employment are to be provided to workers in a language they understand, clearly indicating their rights and responsibilities with regard to wages, working hours and other working and employment conditions.

Right to be Associated

Our company recognizes the importance of open communications and direct engagement between workers and management. We respect the rights of workers to relate freely and communicate openly and transparently with management regarding working conditions without fear of harassment, intimidation, penalty, interference or reprisal. We also recognize and respect any rights of workers to exercise lawful rights of free association, including joining or not joining any association of their choosing. MG Public Relations will not interfere with employees who express their desire to associate in a legal and peaceful manner.

Ethics and Compliance


Business Ethics is part of our core values ​​and corporate philosophy. MG Public Relations we strive to “do the right thing”. This value demands a different behavior in all our business dealings and way of doing business, why we behave with integrity, transparency and respect.

We met our internal and external commitments, being a responsible corporate partner where truth, integrity and ethics is not negotiated.

Bribery and Corruption

As an actor in the Dominican business sector we strive to “be different”. Is our imperative to recognize that compliance with the ethical duties as essential and common to encourage the development of the sector and economy, therefore. we do not engage in improper, unethical, or questionable business practices.

We join together with our customers in anti- corruption commitments under the agreements Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, OECD Anti Bribery Convention, or any other in the jurisdiction where we operate.

These laws prohibit us from paying, offering, or promising anything of value, directly or indirectly, to any third party, including any government official, to obtain an improper advantage or improperly influence an official act or decision related to our business.

Our policies also prohibit us from improperly seeking or accepting anything of value to provide an improper advantage to vendors or other business partners. In meeting our anti-corruption obligations, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

When we talk about things of value, they include cash, gifts, promises, meals and entertainment, travel and hiring relatives of a third party.

There is no exception for small amounts, even small payments can violate the law and be unethical.

We may encounter intense pressure to make improper payments where extraordinary competition exists for bidding opportunities. We should be particularly vigilant not to be tempted by statements that these kinds of practices are common, customary or condoned.

Our policies prohibit improper payments to any third party, whether they are government officials or in the private sector, and the receipt of improper payments or gifts.

We have adopted a global anti-corruption compliance program, which includes detailed policies, standards and procedures regarding vendor and employee onboarding.

The program also covers authorizations and recordkeeping for certain categories of transactions involving government, public officials, international institutions, political parties and third party intermediaries.

These transactions include travel expenses, meals, gifts and entertainment, political donations, and charitable contributions. All employees should be familiar with our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corrupt laws


MG Public Relations preserves, cares and fully applies to all the consulting and production process, the rules and environmental laws contributing to sustain the integral health of the community and the environment.

We work with our team to continuously assess and reduce our environmental impact. We aim to prevent environmental damage and minimise our use of energy and resources. We will preserve the existing forest and natural resources and sources of water as they are sources of life for the labor and national community. We will as well recycle all materials possible becoming a proactive member of the community in this matter. Responsible operations means minimizing the impact our operations have on the environment. Sound environmental practices are in the best interests of our business, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

We strive at all times to conduct our business in accordance with recognized industry standards, to institute policies that meet or exceed applicable environmental and safety and health laws and regulations, and to continuously look for ways to improve our environmental performance. Goals and benchmarks are established to measure environmental performance, having the SDG’s as a guiding light of our actions.


MG Public Relations we believe that “Being a good corporate citizen” is central to the way we do business. Supporting the community brings real benefits to our customers, our people and our country. We support and contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of the communities we work in.

We engaged with our neighbors to acquire a sense of the concerns of local communities and look for ways to contribute and mitigate the impacts within our powers.

We respect the traditions, cultures and beliefs of our people. We recognised that small firms, voluntary and community organizations, social enterprises and ethnic-minority businesses are important members of our supply chain. They contribute to local economies and to social cohesion. We collaborate and encourage the improvement of the quality of life of the communities around our area of operation; while we encourage our customers to design and implement programs that benefit the audience impact.

• We respect all rules and environmental legislation, while we do a proper elimination of waste and residues in the implementation of an awareness towards recycling.

• Commitment to our customers, suppliers, competition and industry.

• We ensure that our services contain quality, integrity in content and true to the promise of sale.

• We keep channels open, honest and transparent communication with our customers by offering quality customer that always move in response to their needs a service.

• We safeguard and respect the system of free competition, aware that it motivates us to re-invent and be better.

• We act with loyalty, transparency, honesty and good faith in our business relationships with our peers. Hence we promote signing Confidentiality Agreements with all our customers and suppliers in order to preserve and safeguard intellectual property thereof.

• We refrain from making fraudulent practices which undermine the assets of the company and the state, in order to favour third parties illegally.

• We comply with their contractual obligations with our suppliers; we see them as our strategic partners so that we respect the delivery and payment policies established for each.

It is an indispensable requirement to observe and accomplish the application of this code in order to be a part of the team of MG Public Relations.


Conscious of our duties and rights and the purpose of contributing to sustainable development in the Dominican Republic, consecrate the following principles as cornerstones of our management: We are committed to always acting in accordance with the laws and regulations legally issued:

• We comply with the mandates of our Constitution and laws, rules, regulations and resolutions legally issued by authorities and institutions.

• We comply with all labour and tax obligations established by law. We will refrain from any activity that is designed, or can be reasonably construed, to perpetuate a fraud or evade taxes.

• We act with truthfulness and transparency in delivering information and perform actions against the various agencies.

• We do not promote acts that are against the law, or partner with individuals that promote or perform practices that are divorced from our values.

Confidentiality and safeguard of information

We serve our clients with respect and transparency. By our own decision and due to the passionate service that we exercise with each of them, we do not represent more than one client in an industrial sector. We avoid conflict situations between companies that may have conflicting issues.

We respect the trust of the client placed in our firm and team. Hence, we signed the following agreements:

  • Confidentiality Agreement – NDA
  • Non-Competition Agreement – Non Compete

Business relationships with business partners and suppliers are handled professionally. We respect the work and creativity of our allies, so we give credit to their ideas and services provided to our clients, in accordance with the terms under which those relationships are negotiated. Likewise, we assume privacy agreements and safeguarding information with each of them in favor of our clients.

Committed to the truth

By communicating with the public and the media, we keep the truth as a compass for our interactions, in the precision of the facts, data and figures that we share. In order to preserve both the reality and the perception of professional integrity, the information found to be misleading or erroneous is immediately corrected and the sources of communication and the sponsors of the activities are not hidden.

Fake news on social media is a complex phenomenon and must be approached from various angles. There is no denying the role that communications companies have in controlling the spread of fake news on their platforms. We, as users of social networks, also have a role to play. Hence, we have promised not to share information that comes to us through any platform without first verifying its veracity. Our motto: “Fake News die on our WhatsApp wall.”