Crisis Management

Why are corporate communications important?

Companies spend years building the image and reputation of their institutional brand or products. When the crisis arrives unannounced, the top executives and leadership team face public scrutiny. MG Public Relations’ crisis management approach and SmartAlert™ methodology apply a series of proven tools throughout the process to help manage reputation and master crisis communications. Likewise, through our network of international partners, we have access to consulting global teams, composed of senior advisors with vast experience in handling all types of situations.

Description of the service

What do we do for you?

Risk Management

Survey of potential intrinsic risks due to the nature of the business and non-visible risks that may jeopardize the reputation and continuity of any organization. Establishment of tolerance maps and definition of scenarios.

Crisis Drills and Preparedness

Our crisis preparedness training is based on years of experience in crisis management. We provide the inputs for customers to experience the simulated twists, turns, and pressures of a real crisis.

Crisis Management

We discover the facts, define the contextual circumstances, monitor feelings, and conversations, classify the severity of the situation, define the necessary operational measures and contribute with the management team to minimize the impact. We encourage constant communication with all stakeholders, listening and responding to all issues and concerns. We work in real-time and in all traditional and social media channels.

Management of Conjunctural Issues

Our team provides advice to address the spectrum of potential issues that can have a negative impact on an organization’s reputation, from natural disasters to cyber security to pandemics.

Reputation Protection and Strength

In the aftermath of a crisis, our team works to monitor and modify messages, update strategy manuals to prepare for future crises, and evaluate communications to respond to and regain the trust of various audiences.

Development of Manuals and Protocols

Our team contributes to developing the toolbox required to address any type of crisis by applying the SmartAlert methodology that starts from the risk assessment to the development of response protocols with the appropriate templates and scripts, allowing organizations to respond quickly and effectively.

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Corporate preparedness and resilience are crucial responsibilities of the organization’s management teams and boards of directors. But even after all risks have been identified and response plans are written, no company is fully prepared until it has tested its response capabilities in a realistic simulation. SmartArt is a comprehensive consultancy that starts with the articulation and development of plans and culminates with a training exercise based on extensive experience in crisis management to provide the client with the twists, turns, and simulated pressures of a real crisis so that they can visualize the response capacity, preparedness and efficiency of the team under a simulation, implement the corresponding corrective actions, so that when the real crisis occurs they can be more articulated. Translated with (free version)

In Case of Crisis App

It is an award-winning application for adverse issues and crisis management, used by hundreds of organizations, large and small, public and private. Ditch lengthy plan documents in favor of an intelligent presentation based on roles, issues, and location that your crisis teams can access instantly anytime, anywhere, 24/7. The platform brings to life the workflow described in the plans for each team member, all in one secure, easy-to-use application.


We provide a variety of tailored training courses that will enable you to communicate with confidence and impact, as well as make the right impression in media interviews. We provide media management training, crisis training, social media crisis simulation, presentation, and leadership skills to gain the confidence of your audiences in adverse situations.


What do they say about us?

As a service provider, MG Public Relations has proven to have a rapid and strategic response and attention capacity, which has positively supported our communications plans as a multinational corporation.

Juan José Pérez Bell
Gerente de Comunicación GILDAN

We wish to state for the record that the service provided by MG Public Relations to our institution during all these years has been excellent, exceeding our expectations on many occasions. We recommend them.

José Manuel Torres
Executive Vice President ADOZONA

From the beginning of our business relationship to date, MG Public Relations has fully complied with its obligations and contractual commitments, providing a high-quality performance, promptly and under the international standards of the brand. The performance has been excellent through its work team.

Arlina Peña
Director of Communications Barrick Pueblo Viejo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MG Public Relations?

We are a local communications agency with global vision and experience. We partner with our clients and organizations that share our values to evolve, promote and protect brands and reputations.

¿Dónde ofrecen servicios?

Mainly in the Dominican Republic with the capacity to reach other countries.

What services do you offer?

Media Relations, Sustainability and Compliance, Crisis and Reputation Management, Branding, Public Affairs, and more. Learn more about our services here.

How can they work with me?

Just contact us by filling out the form below and our team will contact you to understand your communication needs and objectives, as well as to help you achieve them.

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