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Governments play an increasingly important role in the global economy and organizations cannot remain indifferent to their reputation among policymakers. Public affairs specialists provide a dedicated team of expert political and public policy consultants, supported by the company’s regional communications network. Our people come from a wide range of disciplines working in and around government, including former senior government officials, journalists, campaign professionals, and corporate and NGO veterans. The team provides in-depth analysis of policy and political issues, builds reputation with government audiences, and advocates on behalf of issues, in major capitals around the world and elsewhere.

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What do we do for you?

Policy analysis and advocacy

Companies are often faced with developing strategies to shape and inform the political and policy environment, as well as engaging key legislative, regulatory and executive decision-makers on issues including fiscal, business, labor, and regulatory oversight. At the national and regional level, we work to protect clients’ interests by providing up-to-the-minute policy and political risk intelligence and assessments, as well as developing and implementing issue and legislative campaigns. and regulatory mitigation strategies.

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Our work methodology consists of searching, selecting, classifying and evaluating the most relevant information about your company and the economic activity to which it belongs for timely decision making. A highly qualified team classifies, summarizes, and facilitates the search, consultation, and measurement of your image and that of the environment. We make available valuable information that allows clients to keep up to date with what is being said about their brand, competitors and the environment. A 360-degree x-ray of your corporate reputation. Our coverage includes mass and specialized media, as well as social platforms (social networks) and other sources of interest for the business, with a national and international scope.


Monthly report that gathers an analysis of the impact of public policies, governmental decisions, regulations, government and main political actors and their impact on the economy or sector where our clients operate.


What do they say about us?

As a service provider, MG Public Relations has proven to have a rapid and strategic response and attention capacity, which has positively supported our communications plans as a multinational corporation.

Juan José Pérez Bell
Communication Manager GILDAN

We wish to state for the record that the service provided by MG Public Relations to our institution during all these years has been excellent, exceeding our expectations on many occasions. We recommend them.

José Manuel Torres
Executive Vice President ADOZONA

From the beginning of our business relationship to date, MG Public Relations has fully complied with its obligations and contractual commitments, providing a high quality performance, promptly and under the international standards of the brand. The performance has been excellent through its work team.

Arlina Peña
Director of Communications Barrick Pueblo Viejo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MG Public Relations?

We are a local communications agency with a global vision and experience. We partner with our clients and organizations that share our values to evolve, promote and protect brands and reputations.

Where do you offer services?

Mainly in the Dominican Republic with the capacity to reach other countries.

What services do you offer?

Media Relations, Sustainability and Compliance, Crisis and Reputation Management, Branding, Public Affairs, and more. Learn more about our services here.

How can they work with me?

Just contact us by filling out the form below and our team will contact you to understand your communication needs and objectives, as well as to help you achieve them.

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