Reputation Management

Reputation is the most valuable asset that any organization possesses.

Our team has the experience required to help clients build, protect and restore their reputations. We specialize in protecting and enhancing reputation; building an organization’s profile as a leader; and ultimately supporting business results that contribute to an organization’s business value. Our specialists work with clients to achieve these results with customized corporate reputation services that deliver credible and consistent messages to priority stakeholders through a variety of channels.

Description of the service

What do we do for you?

Corporate Communications

Determining the ideal structure and appropriate resources for any organization depends on the organization’s strategy and values, culture, legacy organizational structure, and desired business results. There is no correct organizational chart. Our team’s consultative process helps companies design the best structure, resource allocation, and talent development initiatives to meet their objectives.

Internal Communications

Employees are the heart and soul of any organization, and aligning their behaviors with business strategies is critical to success. Our work generally falls into one of two main categories: business strategy and transformation communications or human resources and benefits communications.

Crisis Management

Companies spend years building the image and reputation of their institutional brand or products. When the crisis arrives unannounced, the top executives and leadership team face public scrutiny. We use our crisis management approach through the SmartAlert methodology.

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It includes the matrix of messages and organizational positioning. It is essential for a company to establish a consistent messaging framework to address key issues, one that works across all markets and geographies in its industry. This requires a holistic approach to message development which is often challenging because various functions within an organization develop messages for multiple stakeholder groups. If these functions are not articulated together, it creates a dissonance that can dilute a company’s reputation and damage credibility with investors, partners, customers, and other stakeholders. We help companies establish a unified narrative and messaging framework to address key issues among all stakeholders.

Stakeholder identification, mapping and participation

We assist clients in addressing the key stakeholder questions that most affect a company’s reputation and business value. Most communication campaigns focus on communicating with hundreds, if not thousands, of stakeholders who can directly or indirectly influence a company’s decisions. We take a structured, research-based approach to identify, map and prioritize stakeholders to help create customized messages that strengthen advocacy while designing engagement strategies with each stakeholder.

Executive Communications and CEO Reputation

Today, being an effective leader involves much more than being a talented manager or business strategist. CEOs and senior leaders are increasingly expected to have a broader set of communication skills. That they can provide a compelling narrative of what your company does and why it is important.

Share their perspective on public policy or broader issues of economic, environmental, or social interest. Whether it’s a speech or op-ed, a blog post or an interview, executive communications can affect a company’s reputation and business value.

We contribute creatively to enhance and raise the profiles of the world’s leading CEOs and companies by helping them craft their story and deliver it to the right audience with clarity, simplicity, and passion.

Media relations

The media industry is constantly changing, including traditional media such as print, radio, and television, controlled media outreach achieved through advertising and social networks managed by a wide range of stakeholders. We have a dedicated team of media relations experts who have the experience and relationships to provide strategic media advice, whether traditional, controlled or social media, when and where clients need it. We provide continuous media intelligence on who is writing what and who is searching for sources. Ultimately, our knowledge and contacts allow us to offer new interview opportunities and partnerships to raise visibility.

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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

We design sustainability strategies that are transversal to the exercise and nature of the client’s business. We assist clients in creating long-term shared value, minimizing the risks of economic, social, and environmental developments, and leveraging opportunities. Our team establishes strong sustainability and CSR profiles aligned to the SDGs that enhance visibility and strengthen relationships and reputation among key stakeholders.

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Research and insights

The reputation of a company or organization is based on the opinions of its stakeholders. Insights gained through research enable clients to better understand how their reputation influences key organizational objectives, such as raising capital, attracting employees, assessing new markets, and maintaining credibility in crisis situations. Our team uses a unique set of analytical tools to measure stakeholder beliefs and track progress against reputational objectives. Our research enables a fact-based approach to the conception, execution and measurement of corporate storytelling. By understanding current stakeholder attitudes, clients can create optimal messages and the channels to deliver them.

Media and presentation coaching

We understand how important it is to get your message across. To help clients communicate as effectively as possible, our media specialists leverage their industry experience and knowledge of the media, capital markets, government officials, and other stakeholders to provide the right tools for successful deployment. Our practical advice prepares individuals and teams for any communication environment, especially media interviews, presentations, and crisis situations.

News Bureau

We create a press room for each client under the “PRO” approach meaning “proactive, reactive, and opportunistic”. It is designed to deliver an ever-increasing rate of positive, branded news of interest to the media that will build awareness and understanding of the brand, executives and spokespeople, not to mention products and services: conferences, print products, publications, surveys, etc.

Media circuit

The value of face-to-face interaction with the media allows for greater visibility of the organization, its spokespersons, and initiatives. That’s why we use our media relations to introduce you to and form a critical symbiotic relationship with writers, editors, and media outlets that have a major impact on your organization.

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Our work methodology consists of searching, selecting, classifying, and evaluating the most relevant information about your company and the economic activity to which it belongs for timely decision making. A highly qualified team classifies, summarizes and facilitates the search, consultation and measurement of your image and that of the environment. We make available valuable information that allows clients to keep up to date with what is being said about their brand, competitors, and the environment. A 360-degree x-ray of your corporate reputation. Our coverage includes mass and specialized media, as well as social platforms (social networks and other sources of interest for the business, with a national and international scope.


We provide a variety of tailored training courses that will enable you to communicate with confidence and impact, as well as make the right impression in media interviews. We provide media management training, crisis training, social media crisis simulation, presentation and leadership skills to gain the confidence of your audiences in adverse situations. Pending descriptive and diagrammed pdf to be downloaded.


What do they say about us?

As a service provider, MG Public Relations has proven to have a rapid and strategic response and attention capacity, which has positively supported our communications plans as a multinational corporation.

Juan José Pérez Bell
Communication Manager GILDAN

We wish to state for the record that the service provided by MG Public Relations to our institution during all these years has been excellent, exceeding our expectations on many occasions. We recommend them.

José Manuel Torres
Executive Vice President ADOZONA

From the beginning of our business relationship to date, MG Public Relations has fully complied with its obligations and contractual commitments, providing a high quality performance, promptly and under the international standards of the brand. The performance has been excellent through its work team.

Arlina Peña
Director of Communications Barrick Pueblo Viejo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MG Public Relations?

We are a local communications agency with a global vision and experience. We partner with our clients and organizations that share our values to evolve, promote and protect brands and reputations.

Where do you offer services?

Mainly in the Dominican Republic with the capacity to reach other countries.

What services do you offer?

Media Relations, Sustainability and Compliance, Crisis and Reputation Management, Branding, Public Affairs, and more. Learn more about our services here.

How can they work with me?

Just contact us by filling out the form below and our team will contact you to understand your communication needs and objectives, as well as to help you achieve them.

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