Sustainability and compliance

We help you identify, create and execute sustainability solutions.

In order to improve its competitive advantage and build share value with its stakeholders. We advise clients on sustainability strategies that align with their core business model to achieve maximum results in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals. We have helped companies starting sustainability programs understand the value proposition, design internal structures, select key performance indicators, and navigate tracking and reporting options. We collaborate with established sustainability programs to execute and derive more value from improved practices and new initiatives. We closely monitor the latest developments, so that our clients can capitalize on emerging trends and maintain their leadership amidst rapidly evolving sustainability programs.

Description of the service

What do we do for you?

Materiality Assessments and Diagnostics

Materiality is the key part of sustainability reporting, as it helps to identify material issues and decide what to report on. Organizations often do not get the full value of their materiality assessments because they have not carefully considered what information to look for. Exploring the core objectives of a materiality assessment at the outset allows for a more specific methodology to be applied.

Alignment of strategies to the SDGs

We generate a better understanding of how the SDGs align with your business and the value that can be gained by helping to achieve them.

Stakeholder identification, mapping and participation

We assist clients in addressing the key stakeholder questions that most affect a company’s reputation and business value. Our unmatched expertise in stakeholder engagement creates networks that produce intelligence capable of enhancing your strategy, increasing your competitiveness, and enabling you to drive greater impact and change.

Sustainability Strategies

Identify social, economic, and environmental risks, their impact on stakeholders, and the material areas in which social or sustainability investment in your business is recommended under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

We are assisted by our international partners who specialize in emissions calculations. Calculate the carbon footprint resulting from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under international standards and parameters.

Water Footprint Calculation

Calculate the volume of your organization’s water consumption and the management of this common resource in the company’s operations.

Climate Action Strategy

Identification of projects or initiatives for the reduction of GHG emissions and/or adaptation to Climate Change, by company, sector, or territory. Advisory services for climate action projects, issuance of sustainable bonds, among other related initiatives.

Sustainable communication

We bring your success stories to life, transform complex issues into compelling editorial material and create original content that can scale best practices. We assist companies in disclosing sustainability performance and creating reporting and communications approaches under GRI parameters that show sustainability engagement with stakeholders at all levels.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI is essential for the achievement of a just and sustainable world. To build resilient and sustainable business strategies, companies must understand how power, privilege, and history have impacted people differently. To address deep disparities and systemic challenges, we at MG Public Relations believe that companies must examine whole-system failures, identify tangible opportunities to improve their own diversity efforts and rebuild equitable structures at both the individual and system levels.

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Today, worldwide, women have fewer educational and employment opportunities than men, and in many places fewer rights. We assist women professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders to communicate assertively to gain visibility for their projects and initiatives, raising their professional profile inside and outside the organization.


Assistance and advice in the formulation of flagship programs and projects that include topics such as socially responsible value chain; inclusive business; socially responsible entrepreneurs and investors; actions, programs, and projects with vulnerable groups; community development and empowerment; volunteering and community participation.


Stakeholder mapping.


What do they say about us?

As a service provider, MG Public Relations has proven to have a rapid and strategic response and attention capacity, which has positively supported our communications plans as a multinational corporation.

Juan José Pérez Bell
Communication Manager GILDAN

We wish to state for the record that the service provided by MG Public Relations to our institution during all these years has been excellent, exceeding our expectations on many occasions. We recommend them.

José Manuel Torres
Executive Vice President ADOZONA

From the beginning of our business relationship to date, MG Public Relations has fully complied with its obligations and contractual commitments, providing a high-quality performance, promptly and under the international standards of the brand. The performance has been excellent through its work team.

Arlina Peña
Director of Communications Barrick Pueblo Viejo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MG Public Relations?

We are a local communications agency with a global vision and experience. We partner with our clients and organizations that share our values to evolve, promote and protect brands and reputations.

Where do you offer services?

Mainly in the Dominican Republic with the capacity to reach other countries.

What services do you offer?

Media Relations, Sustainability and Compliance, Crisis and Reputation Management, Branding, Public Affairs, and more. Learn more about our services here.

How can they work with me?

Just contact us by filling out the form below and our team will contact you to understand your communication needs and objectives, as well as to help you achieve them.

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