Supplier’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

We will always respect and protect our suppliers for having the courage to live and respect Our Code.


Every day we strive to work for the good of our organizations and country. It is always a challenge, but it is rewarding work. We face a complex and changing world that require action or difficult decision making. We need to recognize these challenges and take appropriate action responsibly. We are fully aware of the outcomes and consequences of our actions.

MG Public Relations’s success and doing the right thing are one vision. We see our suppliers, as an extension of our business so we expect the same from you. In MG Public Relations’s Supplier Code of Conduct you will find what you need to know to understand what we expect when you work with us.

We thrive to cover most situations but if you are unsure of any of these actions, seek guidance on what you believe is right.

We invite you to read our Supplier Code of Conduct closely and abide by it. You will have all of our support if you do, allowing us to construct long-term sustainable relationships.

1. Introduction

As we continually strive to deliver high performance for our clients, our company and constituencies; therefore we are committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards consistent with our Values and our Code of Conduct.

In MG Public Relations we value our relationship with our suppliers, being an important component to achieving high performance in our business. Our Supplier Code of Conduct, which supplements our Code of Conduct and Ethics (available at, sets forth the standards and practices that apply to all of our suppliers (“MGPR Suppliers”), including all of the Suppliers’ facilities.

We foment that our suppliers operate in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of our country, and countries in which they operate. In selecting suppliers, we work hard to choose reputable business partners who are committed to ethical standards and business practices compatible with ours.

This Code formalizes MG Public Relations’s commitment to best practices, recognizing differences in cultures and legal requirements, we expect that wherever our suppliers are located, producing products or delivering services for us and our clients, that they are produced and/or provided in a manner compatible with the high standards that contribute to our reputations and align to both business and sustainable goals.

Suppliers are required to comply with this Code and to have and maintain practices similar to those in our Code of Conduct. In MG Public Relations are committed to helping our suppliers comply with these standards.

In turn, we expect our suppliers to apply these standards to the suppliers they work with in providing goods and services to the company. We strongly encourage our suppliers to exceed the requirements of this Code and promote best practices and continuous improvement throughout their operations with stem to elevate the industry and market standard in an aid for fair and just business practices.

Let’s together “do the right thing and things right”, lets embark together in this journey to create a more responsible marketplace and society.

2. Our People

MG Public Relations has a diverse workforce and supply base of entities that surpass more than 80 registered enterprises. We all have different skills and capabilities and come from many cultures and beliefs. This diversity has helped make our company what it is today and is important for shaping our future.

Our success is a reflection of our people and those we work with. We value inclusive thinking and difference in opinion, in the belief that diversity enriches our environments and generates innovation.

2.1. Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunity

We want MG Public Relations to be a place of mutual trust and respect, which embraces diversity and values everyone for their merits and work. A place where people’s rights are honoured and respected, where everyone is treated fairly and consistently.

We expect our suppliers to do the same. They must ensure employment – including hiring, payment, benefits, advancement, termination and retirement –based on ability and not on beliefs or any other personal characteristics. This includes discrimination based on sex, race, colour, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, political beliefs, trade union activity, marital status, caring responsibilities, disability, age or citizenship.

We foment our Suppliers to ensure that women workers receive equal treatment in all aspects of employment. Pregnancy tests will not be a condition of employment and pregnancy testing – to the extent provided – will be voluntary and the option of the worker.

2.2. Respectful Workplace

Every member of the MG Public Relations family has the right to respect and freedom from harassment. Violence at work is unacceptable, regardless of the reason or circunstance. We will not tolerate harassment or violence against an employee.

We equally expect our suppliers to provide the same commitment. Our suppliers must treat all workers with respect and dignity. No work shall be subject to corporal punishment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse, nor is there to be the threat of any such treatment. In addition, reprimand the use of monetary fines as a disciplinary practice.

2.3. Human Rights

Respect for human rights is a fundamental part of we operate and do business aligned with our Values.

Our commitment to respecting human rights acknowledges all internationally recognized by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. We will seek to respect and uphold the fundamental Human Rights and freedoms of everyone who works for us or with us, and of the people and communities we work among.

Our suppliers should identify, prevent and mitigate any adverse human rights impacts caused or contributed to by their operations to avoid any infringement on the rights of others and also identify impacts that are directly linked to their operations where they are acting for or in connection with our operations. We expect our suppliers to share this commitment and specifically meet the following:

2.3.1.Child Labour

At MG Public Relations, we refrain from hiring people who have not reached the legal age of employment, and for those who have reached the legal age to ensure that they do not perform jobs deemed dangerous and unhealthy. The Dominican Constitution in its article 56 declares as a national priority the elimination of child labor and its worst forms. The Convention of the International Labor Organization (ILO), in its articles 138 and 182 on the minimum age and in relation to the worst forms of child labor, the Labor Code and the Code for the Protection System and the Fundamental Rights of Boys, Girls and Adolescents, in its Articles 244 – 254 inclusive, of the Dominican Labor Code.

We expects our suppliers to do the same, to comply with local laws regarding the minimum age of employees.

In addition, Suppliers must comply with all legal requirements for the work of authorized young workers, particularly those pertaining to hours of work, wages and safe working conditions. Additionally, all young workers must be protected from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with their education or that may be harmful to their health, physical, mental, social, spiritual or moral development. We encourage our suppliers to participate in legitimate workplace apprenticeship programmes such as “Primer Paso or Primer Empleo” that comply with applicable laws and regulations.

2.3.2.Forced Labor

In line with our own commitment our suppliers must not use any type of involuntary or forced labor, including indentured, bonded, slave or human trafficked, and never engage in any form of procurement of commercial sex acts.

All work must be voluntary and workers should have the freedom to terminate their employment in accordance with established laws, regulations, and rules. Workers shall not be charged any fees or costs for recruitment, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, including costs associated with travel, processing official documents and work visas in both home and host countries.

When the subcontracting of recruitment and hiring is necessary, companies shall ensure that the labor agencies they engage with, operate legally, are certified or licensed by the competent authority, and do not engage in fraudulent behaviour that places workers at risk of forced labor or trafficking for exploitation.

Suppliers should also not mandate that workers hand over government-issued identification, passports or work permits as a condition for employment. The retention of personal documents shall not be used as a means to bind workers to employment or to restrict their freedom of movement.

Written contracts of employment shall be provided to workers in a language they understand, clearly indicating their rights and responsibilities with regard to wages, working hours and other working and employment conditions. This should be provided prior to incorporation in the workplace.

Our suppliers should put in place adequate procedures to ensure that they are not directly or indirectly, through their supply chain, involved in any form of involuntary or forced labor. The workplace shall be free of any form of harsh or inhumane treatment. Disciplinary policies and procedures shall be clearly defined and communicated to all workers, and shall not include any inhumane measure, including any corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse of workers; nor shall they include sanctions that result in wage deductions, reductions in benefits or any other. The use or threat of physical or sexual violence, harassment and intimidation against a worker, his or her family, or close associates, is strictly prohibited.

2.3.3.Freedom of Association

Our company recognizes the importance of open communications and direct engagement between workers and management and expects its suppliers to do the same. Suppliers are to respect the rights of workers to relate freely and communicate openly and transparently with management regarding working conditions without fear of harassment, intimidation, penalty, interference or reprisal. We also expect our suppliers to recognize and respect any rights of workers to exercise lawful rights of free association, including joining or not joining any association of their choosing.

3.Our Values

As an actor in the Dominican business sector we strive to “be different”. Is our imperative to recognize that compliance with the ethical duties as essential and common to encourage the development of the sector and economy, therefore. we do not engage in improper, unethical, or questionable business practices.

3.1.Bribery and Corruption

We join together with our customers in anti- corruption commitments under the agreements Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, OECD Anti Bribery Convention, or any other in the jurisdiction where we operate..

These laws prohibit us from paying, offering, or promising anything of value, directly or indirectly, to any third party, including any government official, to obtain an improper advantage or improperly influence an official act or decision related to our business. Our policies also prohibit us from improperly seeking or accepting anything of value to provide an improper advantage to vendors or other business partners.

We expect our suppliers to demonstrate a similar commitment by understanding and complying with all applicable laws. Our suppliers should inspire trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically and encouraging honest and open debate.

In connection with any transaction related to the manufacture, distribution or delivery of goods or services to the company or that otherwise involves the company the supplier must not offer, promise, authorise, give, demand or accept any gift, loan, fee, reward or other advantage to or from any person as an inducement; to do something which is dishonest, illegal or a breach of trust; to obtain, retain or direct business; or to secure any other improper advantage. Under these standards, improper payments include offers, promises, authorisations or payments of anything of value to expedite routine government actions.

We expect our suppliers to implement appropriate and adequate procedures for their employees to comply with applicable anti-corruption laws and these standards.


We work with our team to continuously assess and reduce our environmental impact. We aim to prevent environmental damage and minimise our use of energy and resources. We will preserve the existing forest and natural resources and sources of water as they are sources of life for the labor and national community.

We will as well recycle all materials possible becoming a proactive member of the community in this matter. Responsible operations means minimizing the impact our operations have on the environment. Sound environmental practices are in the best interests of our business, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

MG Public Relations, preserves, cares and fully applies to all the consulting and operations process, the rules and environmental laws contributing to sustain the integral health of the community and the environment. We strive at all times to conduct our business in accordance with recognized industry standards, to institute policies that meet or exceed applicable environmental and safety and health laws and regulations, and to continuously look for ways to improve our environmental performance. Goals and benchmarks are established to measure environmental performance, having the SDG’s as a guiding light of our actions.

Our suppliers must comply with all local environmental laws applicable to the workplace, the products produced, and the methods of manufacture. Additionally, we request our suppliers not use materials that are considered harmful to the environment, but should encourage the use of processes and materials that support sustainability, practice to be extended throughout their supply chain.

3.3.Our Community

Being a good corporate citizen is central to the way we do business. Supporting the community brings real benefits to our customers, our people and our country. We support and contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of the communities we work in.

We engaged with our neighbors to acquire a sense of the concerns of local communities and look for ways to contribute and mitigate the impacts within our powers.

We respect the traditions, cultures and laws of our people. We recognised that small firms, voluntary and community organizations, social enterprises and ethnic-minority businesses are important members of our supply chain. They contribute to local economies and to social cohesion. We look to our suppliers to hold similar views and expect you to join us in these commitments when we work together.

3.4 Transparency

Conscious of our duties and rights and the purpose of contributing to sustainable development in the Dominican Republic, consecrate the following principles as cornerstones of our management: We are committed to always acting in accordance with the laws and regulations legally issued:

  • We comply with the mandates of our Constitution and laws, rules, regulations and resolutions legally issued by authorities and institutions.
  • We comply with all labour and tax obligations established by law. We will refrain from any activity that is designed, or can be reasonably construed, to perpetuate a fraud or evade taxes.
  • We act with truthfulness and transparency in delivering information and perform actions against the various agencies.
  • We do not promote acts that are against the law, or partner with individuals that promote or perform practices that are divorced from our values. We are committed to always acting in accordance with the laws and regulations legally issued.

3.5 Confidenciality and Safeguard of Information

We expect our suppliers to meet these same standards. Fraud is a criminal offence by the laws of the Dominican Republic and many of the countries where we do business.

We serve our clients with respect and transparency. By our own decision and due to the passionate service that we exercise with each of them, we do not represent more than one client in an industrial sector. We avoid conflict situations between companies that may have conflicting issues.

We respect the trust of the client placed in our firm and team. Hence, we signed the following agreements:

  • Confidentiality Agreement – NDA
  • Non-Competition Agreement – Non Compete

Business relationships with business partners and suppliers are handled professionally. We respect the work and creativity of our allies, so we give credit to their ideas and services provided to our clients, in accordance with the terms under which those relationships are negotiated. Likewise, we assume privacy agreements and safeguarding information with each of them in favor of our clients.

Our employees and suppliers have a responsibility to keep confidential information safe and guarded. Our suppliers must take all due care in handling, discussing or transmitting sensitive or confidential information that could affect our company, its employees, and that of our clients

Suppliers’ responsibility to hold the company’s confidential information provided (that or our company, as well as our clients) as confidential is a continuing obligation even after their assignment or contract with MG Public Relations has ended.