A nation focused on water

The National Intelligence Council, a US government body, issued a report in 2012 stating that the world was in the presence of an eminent and prolonged water crisis.

The first parts of that crisis are already being felt in some parts of the world. It is not surprising to hear about periods of drought and voices of alarm about the need to preserve the resource. The question is not if there will be shortages, but when.

‘Global Trends: A Transform World’ and ‘Global Water Security’ establish that water scarcity will occur in all hemispheres and no one will escape from it. 20% of the world population equivalent to 1.5 billion inhabitants will be the first to experience the crisis. It is estimated that 60% of the surface of the earth suffers a transformation due to lack. Water supply deprivation poses a risk to the United States and world food markets.

Furthermore, the water crisis is not a problem reserved only for ‘developing nations’ or non-governmental organizations working in remote locations assisting impoverished communities. China and India, world economic powers, are already experiencing insufficiency that may soon impact their economies and political stability.

Several factors have been identified as the accelerators of this crisis that was a point of discussion at COP21 last year, among these are mentioned: the increase in the world population; the rise of the middle class and consumption; climate change; contaminated and chemically affected water; and leaks. All these identified challenges can be overcome. What is needed is FOCUS, WILL, CREATIVITY to face it.

All nations must address these challenges. The lack of water in a nation does not determine its destiny or progress. Israel is an example of this, a country focused since before its creation on the supply of the precious resource, it has a surplus of water. The administration and management of the liquid has been the central axis of the development of the nation.

The Dominican Republic is not exempt from the problem. President Danilo Medina has declared the quadrennium of water, drawing the line of what should be the focus of our nation. What are we waiting for?

Author: Lara Guerrero

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