Attitude: the engine that makes the difference

The sum of knowledge, skills and attitude (C+H+A) is the formula for success for the group of professionals, both independent and employed, according to the statements of Mr. Luis Sánchez – Noble, who shared with us a few days ago the radio booth of Contra Portada Knowledge and skills together are equivalent to just 10% and the remaining 90% is attitude: the key to creating the competitive and differentiating advantage that can catapult us to the top.

In the world of communication and public relations, the attitude of people is the main factor in customer satisfaction and loyalty. It has been proven that emotional factors are decisive when, examining the various purchase offer options, there are no significant differences in the rational variables. In our country, we already find everything, at all prices, everywhere and at all times, which makes the decision become a survival battle for companies to win the customer’s favor.

Customer satisfaction is an emotion that depends beyond the service itself, since many factors intervene in the chain to provide it, sometimes beyond our reach.

With some exceptions, the products and services present in the Market are very similar among the competitors. What is the difference between the solutions offered by banks? The products of the telephone companies?, the offer of the supermarkets? Medicines at the pharmacy? Thus, we look for other examples, regardless of the industry in which they operate, and we realize that there are many similarities and closeness between one and the other.

The friendly, respectful and cordial treatment of the person behind the counter is what makes the real difference to the consumer. And this also applies to the public sector, which is obliged to reinvent itself and adjust to citizen demand.

Moral: The attitude with which we assume life will determine who we are, what we will achieve, where we are going, what dreams and illusions we can achieve, but above all what mark we will leave during our passage. Hence, it is imperative to manage a positive vision and attitude in our institutions to achieve the development that we long for.

Author: Lara Guerrero



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