Guerra, Dominican Republic.- The Embassy of Canada and the Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) joined the multinational Gildan in launching the “La Comunidad Emprende” program, which in its first version seeks to empower more than 180 women and young people of legal age. of the Mata Vaca, Mata de Palma and Bella Vista communities so that they have alternatives for livelihood and sustainable development.

This first stage of the program will include vocational training and the empowerment of women and youth through decoration and handicraft workshops, preparation of cleaning products, production of preserves, among other activities that allow the community to be self-sustainable and enjoy a better quality of life. Likewise, during the training, the prevention of gender-based violence will be addressed as a transversal axis.

María de la Cruz, better known as Doña Nana, from the Bella Vista de Guerra community, thanked all the institutions for the “push” they give to the municipality. She called herself a fighter in her environment who encourages her community members to take advantage of these training workshops and talks on violence prevention in order to live better.

Shauna Hemingway, Ambassador of Canada in the Dominican Republic, thanked Gildan and Batey Relief for the opportunity to collaborate in this program, since it is necessary to offer confidence to the community for the development of their environment. “From the Canada Fund, a fund created to collaborate on special projects like this, we try to provide the tools so that everyone can participate and that their voices are heard; but above all, combat gender violence through education”, emphasized Hemingway.

On his side, Ulrick Gaillard, president of the Batey Relief Alliance (BRA), highlighted this alliance precisely because on the 21st anniversary of BRA, its strategic focus is to raise awareness about violence and gender equality, which in the long term will be beneficial for many families.

“Entrepreneurship is one of the core values ​​that define Gildan. We undertake to find new and better ways to positively impact our clients, our employees, the communities and the environment we inhabit”, highlighted Juan Carlos Contreras, Vice President and Country Manager of Gildan in the Dominican Republic.

This union between the Embassy of Canada, Gildan and the Batey Relief Alliance is a reiteration of the constant effort that these institutions make to contribute to the protection and development of the most vulnerable segments of the population, for which their representatives motivated the community leaders to take advantage of the knowledge that will be provided to improve their present and future.

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