The roars return to the PGA

Golf shines again and bills with the return of Tiger Woods

The number one golfer in the world and the highest earning athlete for years, is once again commanding the attention of sports fans, the media and everyone alive. Since his return to the PGA in recent weeks, the Golf has been fun again, it has shined again.

Tiger brought a lot of excitement and money to the sport because of his talent and charisma. He won numerous awards and became the youngest golfer to win the Masters at the age of 21. In 2008 alone, he won 14 major pro tournaments, en route to surpassing Nicklaus’ record. Big brand wins and endorsements made him the first athlete to reach $1 billion in earnings. He was the darling of Golf and the most coveted personal brand.

However, the scandal came to his life, and when he becomes world famous, things can fall apart if control is not taken in time to prevent further damage. Tiger didn’t do it in the first fall, he hid the truth and didn’t face his public in time. After other setbacks, and several intensive crisis management courses, he has become an expert, managing to recover his reputation and returning strongly to the field, in what is called “The Tiger Effect”.

Can a brand resurface and restore its reputation after a crisis?

A personal brand is as vulnerable as a corporate one to experiencing a public crisis at some point in his career. With an effective crisis management and communication plan, you will be able to come out on top when the dark day comes, which is sure to come.

Avoid denials, excuses and hiding behind lawyers, the crisis will not go away unless you take control of the situation.

Public opinion is the most acidic and difficult court, where you are guilty until proven innocent. He’s intolerant of excuses and evasions (ask Danry Vasquez). If you, did it wrong, admit it, say it Everything, absolutely everything, not a half truth, because it will come to light at some point. Apologize, show genuine and sincere compassion to everyone affected by your actions, and be willing to right the wrong.

Build a new storytelling. In this digital information age, bad news never goes away, it’s just a click away. While you can’t remove them, you can work to replace this content with more positive content.

Rebuilding a reputation after the fall takes hard work, we all deserve a second chance, and audiences love a Tiger Woods-esque comeback story.

Author Lara Guerrero

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