Bad timing

Through the years we learn the value of our words. Life teaches us that we must be careful with what we express, especially in times when emotions run high.

This lesson has just been experienced by the artist Ala Jazá, through his comment issued by his social networks just hours after the death of the legend #JohnnyVentura, considered the most valued artist and with the greatest worldwide recognition of merengue, a musical genre that they both shared.

His comment generated immediate rejection by the population, who felt saddened and outraged by the untimely loss of a great musician and an ambassador of the best of Dominican culture.

Once again we are witnessing the power of social networks to enhance the image of a personality or, in this case, to create a crisis that has an immediate impact on the public’s perception and on his artistic career.

This situation has resulted in the repudiation of Dominicans towards the person of the artist Ala Jazá and his music. His verified Instagram account with more than 1 million followers has been deleted, radio media outlets are removing the artist’s songs from their playlist and the entire artistic milieu class is requested not to create relationships or projects involving him. Despite several attempts and extensive apologies made by the merengue exponent.

Prudence is a virtue that we must put into practice in moments of pressure, for this it is necessary to stop and think before acting. This will be our greatest ally when communicating and issuing opinions, always remembering that our actions must add up in any scenario because otherwise, it subtracts.

If you have already offered your apology publicly, the most important question at this point is what can be done to change the public’s perception and repair your image? Act positively, create content that contributes, restructure your personal brand together with your team.

It is essential to demonstrate his quality as a person and as an artist, both of which are in question. Highlight your values as a human being and artistic ability, in turn, you should work with experts in the area of online reputation management in order to develop a strategy to improve your digital footprint.

A large percentage of the crises that start in digital media arise as a result of how brands communicate, remember the importance of the verb. Definitely the way we express ourselves is a reflection of who we are.

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Bad timing

Through the years we learn the value of our words. Life teaches us that we must be careful with what

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