• In the facilities of the Indotel Center, the new Digital Republic space presented the program, Seeds of the Future, which seeks to cultivate local talent in ICT to help promote local employment in these areas, as well as increase the understanding and interest of people in the ICT industry.
  • Seeds of the Future will allow 10 Dominican students to visit China for ICT training, work experiences, cultural and Mandarin study.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic With the presence of the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in the country, Zhang Run, Huawei Technologies and the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL) signed an agreement to unify efforts in favor of the development of Telecommunications, ICTs and the strengthening of technological, scientific and academic cooperation relations between both entities.

The agreement, signed between Ding Xinfeng and Luis Henry Molina, presidents of Huawei and Indotel respectively, will allow an exchange of academic and staff training programs in areas of interest to both institutions; staff training on topics such as 5G, WiFi, Safe City; among other points of collaboration between the two institutions.

Also, within the framework of the signing of the agreement, the Semillas del Futuro (Seeds for the Future) program was presented, which seeks to cultivate local ICT talent, promote local employment, increase people’s understanding and interest in the ICT industry, ICT and encourage everyone to participate in the work of building a digital community.

“At the beginning of our arrival, we proposed that our work focus on the 3Cs: strong trust, equal communication, and win-win cooperation. Further on, I proposed that the above goal is to chase a created uppercase C: interactive. The “Future of the Seeds” program reflects the precise interpretation and strong support for the above objectives. Here I say that the efforts made by Huawei are of great value. I would like to express my sincere congratulations to the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel), the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo and the Institute

Tecnológico de las Américas for participating and supporting this program”, were the words of the Chinese Ambassador, Zhang Run.

With the execution of this program for the first time in the Dominican Republic, Huawei will allow the development of an internship in China for 2 weeks to 10 students who are pursuing careers in Electrical Engineering, Computer Systems or Telecommunications at the Intec University and the Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLA).

During their stay, young people will be able to cover the three components of Seeds of the Future: ICT training, work experiences and learning about Chinese culture in the city of Peking (Beijin), its traditions, studying basic Mandarin at the University of Languages ​​and Culture of Beijing (BLCU), plus a city tour.

“As we all know, the development of ICT technology is future-oriented, and our ‘future seed’ is also future-oriented. I hope you can appreciate this opportunity, learn something and make a contribution to the construction and development of the Dominican Republic in the ICT fieldemphasized Ding Xinfeng, president of Huawei.

The president of Indotel, Luis Henry Molina, urged the young participants to take advantage of the opportunity offered by Hwawei to become “the first seeds that our society harvests towards the future of a high-tech digital community.”.

The “Seeds of the Future” Program is Huawei’s flagship corporate social responsibility project globally, being the technology company’s largest investment to help bridge the gap between what is learned and what is needed in the industry, and develop a pool of local talent in the ICT sector.

“This exchange is in line with our guidelines of the Digital Republic, which works to enhance the capacities of young people for their integration to the new challenges of a world of accelerated and transcendental changes,” said Molina.

With the signing of the agreement and the first version of Seeds of the Future, Huawei reaffirms its commitment to reducing the digital divide, promoting harmony and sustainable development of the economy, society and the environment, establishing an excellent sustainable management system, strictly operate with integrity and compliance, continuously improve communication with stakeholders, promote a harmonious business ecosystem, ensure the sustainable development of the company that benefits our customers and society.


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