Journalists Leila Mejía and Miguel Guerrero announced the launch of Conexión 32, a daily morning television program that will be broadcast on VTV, channel 32.

The new television space will be from six to nine in the morning from Monday to Friday and will begin broadcasting next Wednesday, November 14, the two prominent communicators announced at a cocktail party held in this capital.

Mejía, a lawyer by profession, is a veteran producer and host of radio and television programs, who has maintained a weekly column in the newspaper El Caribe for years. Guerrero is a writer and journalist. He has published 14 works. He is a Number Member of the Dominican Academy of History and has been recognized nationally and internationally for his work as a writer and journalist. A daily columnist for El Caribe since September 1978, he has been a correspondent for foreign news agencies, newspapers and magazines. He is currently the host of the daily program Nochecturna Edition, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday on CDN, channel 37, starting at 10:00 pm.

In the activity in which they announced the launch of Conexión 32, Mejía and Guerrero said that the new space aspires to fill an existing moderation gap in the morning television programming.

“Dr. Mejía’s talent and experience will inject an attractiveness into this new initiative that will contribute to making our space a mandatory option in the morning, once we manage to position ourselves within the already established wide range of information and opinion in the morning,” Guerrero said.

The owner of the plant, Hugo Beras, indicated that the channel begins with Conexión 32 a new stage of modernity, with equipment of the highest technology, and a varied programming that includes movies, soap operas and cultural programs for all audiences.

He indicated that the entrance of two communicators of the prestige of Dr. Mejía and the journalist and writer Guerrero to the general programming of the channel, constitutes the formal relaunch of VTV 32 and that at the beginning of next year new important announcements will be made about the varied programming of the channel.


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