La Barquita: The value of promises

Human nature continuously and passionately seeks to improve itself. And this overcoming comes, many times, linked to the acquisition of their own roof. For some it becomes a motivation to keep going, while for many it can be a matter of survival.

Last week we had the opportunity to see the transformation and dignity of more than 1,787 Dominican families who lived in subhuman conditions, crowded into unimaginable belts of misery, eager to visualize a new future.

With the symbolic transfer of several families, including that of Ricardo Galarza (Vivito), testimony that had a great impact due to his resistance to change and loss of faith after so many unfulfilled promises, the great inauguration party of the Nueva Barquita began. .

Faces full of joy and hope were displayed in the public, with the materialization of a dream that today is a reality, and that constitutes one of the best letters of presentation of the government.

Citizens not only have the right to enjoy the territory we inhabit, but also to improve it to guarantee the common good of those who do not have that privilege. La Barquita was a perfectly conceived project not only in terms of infrastructure, encompassing all the housing and development needs of daily life, but also in terms of communications It included the promotion, marketing and dissemination of the appropriate messages for all audiences.

Good stories generate positive empathy from the audience that is transferred to the brand that promotes them. The value of La Barquita, more than its attributes, lies in the thousands of associated stories whose values ​​create closeness, association and credibility: audiences believe facts more than words, and that is why stories well told by Third parties in the Barquita are efficient and invaluable.

In the world of public relations, all the occasions in which to say something through a story is a good opportunity, the Little Boat constitutes the storytelling of the government with the greatest connection with the public to date, restoring in the same way the value of the lost promise.


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