Solidarity against the floods

We see that the phenomenon of global warming goes from being a simple scientific theory to a crude reality, its effects are noticeable throughout the planet, with longer periods of droughts and floods, an accelerated decrease in glaciers and drastic changes in the patterns of precipitation and snow.

A study by the Christian Aid organization showed that by 2060 more than 1 billion people around the world will live in cities at risk of catastrophic flooding due to the greenhouse effect.

In our country we experience at this time, a rainy season known as the Frontal, which has affected up to 12 percent due to the atmospheric system that has been impacting the region in recent days.

The images of the torrential water, of its strength to drag with it any object in its path, of the families living in deplorable conditions, are shocking.

To date, more than 42,000 people have been displaced by the heavy rains, in turn, 8,348 homes flooded and 96 locations isolated due to the destruction of roads and access infrastructure.

We are a developing country where a considerable number of inhabitants live on exposed and vulnerable land, in informal constructions that are easily affected by flooding or extreme weather. Our ability to recover is slow, as most lack insurance policies, property titles, safe and reliable financial networks that can resuscitate them after the tragedy, depending mostly on State assistance.

In recent days we have seen President Danilo Medina, accompanied by the Ministers of Public Works and Communications, Gonzalo Castillo; Administrative of the Presidency, José Ramón Peralta, and other officials, to be present, without rest, in the affected areas, verifying the level of need and damage.

Like our authorities, this is the time to demonstrate our spirit of solidarity and resilience. Some “Haters” and “Energy Vampires” will continue to tarnish the efforts not only of the government, but of hundreds of citizens and companies that have voluntarily responded to the call for help, some: Grupo CCN, Cervecería Nacional Dominicana, Grupo SID, Grupo Rica, Industrias Bisonó, Foam Flex Mattresses, Megacentro, Bepensa, and dozens of others that have joined the praiseworthy and necessary effort.

More than criticism and accusations, we must contribute to minimize the impact and restore hope to so many brothers. he time has come to understand that we are all in this boat and that the only way to get it afloat is by working together. Beyond words, let’s build Homeland with our actions.

Author: Lara Guerrero



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