The message is twofold

The right to free speech is a resource that we can make use of thanks to the passage of time and the evolution of society. Today we can enjoy the freedom to defend points of view and opinions on different topics of interest to society without being repressed.

The media has the power to educate, inform and edify citizens, as long as the message is transmitted within the framework of objectivity, transparency, and due respect.

Part of the skills of a communications professional is knowing how to navigate between debates without losing one’s composure. Maintaining an atmosphere of respect is essential when communicating regardless of the topic being discussed at the time, no matter which side of the street we are on.

Each individual has the right to think and express himself according to his thoughts. As long as it is a healthy debate of ideas and respect. Understanding this is fundamental to avoid conflicts.

In recent days there was a heated debate between Senator Iván Lorenzo and Ramón Tolentino who, during an on-air speech, made hostile and derogatory remarks towards the senator due to some statements and actions made by the senator in the Congress.

Regardless of the topic under discussion, it should be kept in mind that the content of the message is more important than the packaging of the message. Argue on solid grounds without appealing to the person to assert our point of view. It has been proven that the one who speaks louder is not the one who is right. On the contrary, many times our actions to assert a position can backfire and work against us.

Learning how to formulate the right questions and persuade audiences to reflect on the point of view we wish to make is an art that many people possess. But that few master, due to the limited ability to master emotions.

The impact is not in what is said, but in the way it is done, this will depend on the success or failure of our exchange.

It requires courage and bravery to accept when we have been wrong. This is what the communicator Ramón Tolentino has done, who apologized to his listeners, not for expressing his point of view in an honest manner, which is respected, but for the way in which he addressed his guest, knowing that he could have addressed his ideas in another way.

The way in which we address others with due respect for people is non-negotiable and will directly influence the reaction of their actions towards us. With the developed ability to control our voice and our words, we can stop a potential confrontation or initiate an unnecessary crisis.

If we wish to avoid this type of situation, we must control the reactivity effect by reacting immediately without meditation to messages or actions that may be provocative towards us.

Finally, something that does not fail and we can advise as a mantra of assertive communication is to practice the acronym ¨POPLA¨: Stop, Observe, Think, Then Act.

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The message is twofold

The right to free speech is a resource that we can make use of thanks to the passage of time