The Olympic Games: the platform to communicate

The Olympic Games celebrate 120 years of its inception, but the event is far from showing its age. They are the largest multidisciplinary international sporting event in which athletes from various parts of the world participate, with more than two hundred participating nations.

Like most events, the Olympics have reached a stage of maturity that leads organizers and the country to fight the challenge of maintaining the relevance and participation of the next generation of fans and continuing to be the most popular marketing and sponsorship platform in the world. valuable for brands and the ideal testing ground for innovative communication strategies.

Corporations invest millions of dollars through their brands in marketing sponsorships in an effort to impact consumer brand awareness and perception. However, to drive maximum return from this sponsorship, companies must connect their brand with sponsorship in a relevant, memorable and meaningful way.

The making of communications pieces accompanied by activations that are used only for about sixty days during what is considered the Olympic cycle is used so that the brands can borrow a bit of the golden glow generated by the event, the competition and the athletes. .

Rio 2016 has been notable for the diversity of platforms used such as Facebook Live, snapchat, instagram, periscope among others, not to mention the abundance of content generation focused on creators such as NBC, Fox and ESPN, added to the power of the viewer through of his mobile, he has shown the great party that sports competition is, leaving behind all the bad tastes and negative news that surrounded him before his appearance.

Seeing legends like Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, the recent gymnastics star Simone Biles, our Luguelin Santos, Yudelkis Contreras and even Felix Sánchez as an interviewer, to name a few, demonstrates how figures and athletes are evolving from being “traditional” spokesmen » for brands to be influential social media ambassadors on behalf of the brand.

The world comes together as one for 21 days of competition, sharing dreams of seeing great figures compete, until many of them achieve sporting glory. Athletes and brands alike find the Olympics the most effective international marketing platform in the world.

Author: Lara Guerrero

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