The Macallan has presented Edition No. 4, a limited edition collectible. The fourth chapter in the innovative “Edition Series”, represents the craftsmanship and spectacular design of the new Distillery of The Macallan, where the mastery of making the best whiskey has been continued since 1824.

This limited edition has been made using exceptional oak barrels, which are the most important pillar of the extraordinary quality, natural color and distinctive aroma and flavor of The Macallan.

For Nick Savage, Master Distiller, “Edition No. 4 is a celebration of The Macallan whiskey-making legacy and the entrance to an exciting new era, with the creation of two structural masterpieces: an extraordinary whiskey and a magnificent new distillery.

The meticulous attention to detail and quality in the selection of oak casks bring different dimensions as each cask imparts its own influence on the whisky. Edition No. 4 is a distinctive whiskey that breaks the boundaries of innovation and reflects the passion, traditions and craftsmanship that surround the art of selecting the perfect barrels. It is intense, vibrant, stimulating and highlights the round notes of honey, caramel and citrus fruits. The Master Distiller has chosen casks that reflect a modern flavor profile that is steadfast in maturing The Macallan in sherry-cured oak casks.

Rafael Rodríguez, Ambassador of The Macallan for the Dominican Republic, presented Edition No. 4 at an exclusive pairing dinner for a group of architects, engineers and developers, guests and clients of Design Center Marmotech, where the tasting took place, a combination of whiskey and design.

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